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GOKOOL....JDM(Japan Domestic Market), meaning either parts sold only in Japan or parts made in Japan!

About GoKOOL

Our club consists of 8 members. All of us treat each other like family. I know our crew is small, but by keeping our club small we can keep a close bond which only true friends can appreciate. We all kicked it and shared the same passion, CARS! All I can say is that we are TRUE friends and have stayed in touch NO MATTER WHAT!!! No matter how far we may live from one another, we still keepthe name alive! We are all thankful of the friendship we carry. What makes a CREW stay a crew? Find close friends and to keep it that way. That's our opinion. Now we are getting older and growing out of cars. (Dont get me wrong, we still love cars, but cars are getting WAYYYY too expensive!)

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Site is **Under-Heavy Construction**

How did we come up with GoKOOL? GoKOOL is a name that we all came up with. It basically describes us! We are cool guys and are easy to get along with. We also like to go fast!! well, you can put the rest together... Well? since we dont do car shows anymore, i wanted to start a site to show that we are still around. We drive our cars daily so shows are not in the picture.

You may see our crew in San Diego, San Jose, and Long Beach! keep an eye out.... Okay peace! -GoKOOL Rod

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